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Last modified on 11/2/2011 10:01 AM by User.


Merging a Commissioned Order into a Resell Order


This article will explain how to merge an existing commissioned order into a "Resell Container" in Oasis. This method is useful when you have been doing resell through another program or method but have not yet started tracking your resell orders in Oasis. (For future orders, it is quicker to create the order as a resell order from the beginning and do both the customer and vendor sides at the same time.)

The commissioned order/vendor side

This document assumes that you already have the commissioned order in your system and that the process for this order is either complete or nearly complete.

Creating the resell order/customer side

When you are ready to do the customer side of the order, go to the Orders section of Oasis and create a new resell order. You can enter your customer information and PO number in on the general tab of the order. When you are ready, go to the Tools menu and click Merge PO into Customer Order.

At this point, you will receive a warning indicating that this action cannot be undone. Click Yes to continue.

On the next screen, you will need to find the commissioned order you wish to merge into the resell order. Type in the PO number and click the refresh button. Select the PO from the list and then click OK.

You will receive a final warning that this is a one way action. Once the commissioned order is merged into this resell order, the action can not be undone. Click Yes to proceed.

The order will automatically save and close, then reopen. You may receive warnings that the order has no earnings. This is fine, because when the order reopens you will be able to add your profit information on the items tab, add any sort of information as needed, and print copies of both sides of the order to make it official in Oasis. All items from the commissioned order will now appear on the items tab.

Other information from the commissioned order will be available on the Vendor Orders tab.