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Payment Preferences
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Payment Preferences

The Configure View Window



Label Description Type
Batch Code Code for the Batch Payment Text
BatchID OASIS batch ID number Text
BuySell   Text
Check Amount Check amount entered into OASIS Currency
Check Number Check number entered into OASIS Text
CreateDate Date Payment was created Date
CreateUserID User ID that created the payment Text
CustomerID OASIS ID for the Customer Text
DateReceived Date payment was received Date
Difference   Currency
Expected Balance   Currency
ManufacturerID OASIS ID for the Manufacturer Text
Notes Notes that were written in the notes tab of the Payment Text
PaymentID OASIS ID for the Payment transaction Text
PostedDate Date the Payment was marked posted Date
Status Current status of the payment Text
Total Commission Total Commission amount recorded on Payment Currency
Type   Text
UpdateDate Date payment was updated Date
UpdateUserID User ID that updated the payment Text