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Changing the Appearance of OAS…
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Last modified on 8/11/2016 7:51 AM by User.

Changing the Appearance of OASIS (Fonts, Style & Size)

OASIS can be adjusted in many areas to suit the specific user’s needs or preferences. One of these areas is fonts and sizes. Users who need a larger font or different color may find these tools very useful. As with all other areas, you will use File > Preferences to adjust. Most of these setting changes will only apply to your login. Adjustments can be made to:

  • Overall font size for most items
  • Home screen font size
  • Table/Listing font size and style (defaults)
  • Table/Listing colors (alternating row color)
  • Table/Listing font size (on-demand scaling, Projects/Quotes and Orders/Invoices only
  • Overall "Look and Feel"

Overall Font Size for Most Items

For users with high resolution screens, this will be the most significant font size adjustment. On the Home screen go to File, then Preferences. 


Here is an example project with a default main font size of "0".

Here is the same project after adjusting the main font size to "2". 

Note that most font sizes are now larger, with the exception of the Bill of Material table itself.

Home Screen Font Size

The only change that can be made on the Home screen is font size. On the Home screen go to File, then Preferences.

  • In the preferences window, click the “Display” tab.
  • Adjust the Home screen font size as needed (-1 is the default size). 
  • Click OK when finished.


Here is an example Home screen using the default size of "-1".

If the font size were changed to “1” instead of "-1" (a change of 2 points), the result would be the following:

Table and Listing Font Color

In the Home screen preferences window, Read Only Rows and Editable Rows maybe be changed. 

Click on the "..." button to select a different color.

Table Color Change Example

In this example, here are the default settings. A white row followed by a light green row, similar to “green bar paper”.

For this example, we'll change the light green to a light blue. 

Note: You must log out and back in for this change to take effect.

Here is the result of that change.

Table Font Change Example

To change the font size and style on tables and listings, select the font and size as desired in the Home Preferences screen. The default font size is 12 and the default font is Serif.

A default project listing with Serif, 12 point font looks like this:

Changing the font to Arial, 14 point font will look like this:

Note: Use the "Reset" button on the Home Preferences screen to return to default settings.

On-Demand Table Scaling in Projects/Quotes and Orders/Invoices

The font scale tool is available in the bottom right corner of all Projects/Quotes and Orders/Invoices. Simply drag it left or right to scale the text size.


Here is an example project scaled at the default 100%.

Here is the same project scaled to 125%:

Overall "Look and Feel"

In the Home screen preferences window, the “Overall look and feel” of the screens in OASIS can be changed. These are built-in styles that are pulled from Java.

Note: The only recommended setting is “Metal”. Most other styles are known to cause issues with OASIS functionality.

Windows 10 Display Setting

For users that have a high resolution screen and are having difficulties seeing OASIS, Windows 10 has a tool that can help. 

From the Windows 10 Setting Menu, you can select System > Display and customize your screen display. Here you can change the overall size of the text, apps, and other items on your screen by adjusting the slider bar shown in the screenshot below. 

Note: OASIS will need to be restarted for this to take affect.