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Cancelling an Order
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Last modified on 8/15/2014 12:30 PM by User.

Cancelling an Order

If for some reason the customer decides they do not wish to purchase the items they have already ordered from the manufacturer, then your agency can do a cancellation request. First, you'll start with a regular transmitted order.

Then, you'll go up to Action >> Cancel Order

A new window will open, asking which lines you wish to cancel.

There are short cut Buttons of "All" and "None" to allow for you to more quickly select or deselect the entire bill of material.

You will also need to select the reason tab and enter why this order will be cancelled.

Select the Output to option that you want OASIS to print to.  Then press print to send the cancellation request to the manufacturer.

Once the order is saved all cancel lines will be hidden from view when the order is opened again.
To view the line items again, click on the "Toggle Canceled" option in the tool bar on the right side of the order screen.

(Don't see the tool bar?  Then click on the binocular with black arrow icon to show the tool bar.