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Basic Resell Order Entry
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Last modified on 11/9/2017 9:37 AM by User.


Basic Resell Order Entry


This document shows a basic resell order being keyed directly into OASIS.


  • Start the order editor
  • Complete the General tab
  • Complete the Items
  • Review / update addresses
  • Update the notes
  • Print.

Start the order editor

The main order listing “application” in OASIS is being updated at this time. Similar menu and tool bar icons are expected.

Complete the General tab

As in the past, the customer and PO number are required prior to the screen “unlocking” itself for further data input.

After the customer and PO number are entered – complete any required elements on the general tab:



Complete the Items

The biggest change in OASIS will be the items tab of the order. Note that the “spreadsheet” view is gone. The spreadsheet makes sense for quotes, but not for order entry.

Note that the columns are more direct to what is going on: Cost, Margin, Sell. Other columns are available through the standard OASIS preferences. Changing the width of the columns will be allowed (as in the past), however changing the position may not be allowed. Finally, there is a distinct difference in the layout an features of the different order types (Resell, Combined orders, Restock orders, commissioned, etc.) as documented elsewhere.


Pay close attention to the “Hint” at the right. This example is for a simple Vendor PO to purchase the material. Other options include:

  • Vendor PO (selected) – add to existing Vendor PO
  • New Vendor PO – For an added item, a new vendor PO is created to purchase this item.
  • Consolidation PO – if not existing, a new Consolidation PO is created. Material is added to the Consolidation PO until it is sent to the vendor. The material that is ordered may be for multiple customer POs.
  • Warehouse Pick – The only option initially will be for owned inventory (picking from consignment on a resell transaction will not initially be supported).

Generation and management of the vendor POs is now automatic – see the “Print” step below.

Review / update addresses

Although the addresses tab is still being coded, the final V2.7 release will support a new “Care of” line and “County”. Additionally, the Markings and Call Ahead areas will be changed dramatically (with drop downs, etc.);


Update the notes

Notes will work as in the past.


OASIS will remain a “print to send” metaphor. Note the new screen (which varies by order type):


From the dialog, it is possible to print a customer copy and a manufacturer (vendor PO) at the same time. (Although not implemented in the current BETA, the addition of SendMessage is planned, resulting in a very nice preview-before-send user interface).

Do note the vendor PO 1028. If not already sent, it is pre-selected to send.

Options for the vendor POs include:

  • Sending Order – the Send message (or other technologies) are active to transmit the order to the factory.
  • Office copy allows the order to be printed (typically to the local printer) with the “Office Copy” background.
  • Internal Change – NEW! Allows the order to be “sent” without printing to PDF or throwing yet another piece of paper away.


As in the past, when the order is sent to the manufacturer, it is “locked” initially and a change order process is required for changes: