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New "Specifiers Control"
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Last modified on 4/16/2016 8:29 AM by User.


New "Specifiers Control"


The area on the project, quote, or order where specifiers (architect, engineer, etc) is recorded has changed. Behind the scenes, we are allowing for more features in the future. However, right now, you will be able to enjoy some really nice benefits.

What is shown

The area below typically shows at the bottom right corner of the general tab on a project, quote, or order (also available on the billing tab of the invoice).

Each row of the control shows (in order) the company role (e.g. architect), a company name, the sales person assigned to call on the specifier, the contact name, and the sales influence:


The Features and how they help productivity

  • Role - Identify the company by role (e.g. architect). Click on the label to see other roles configured.
  • Company Name - Name of the company. To select, key the short name in the text area, or click on the "..." button to select from a listing of companies.
  • Sales Person - The name of the sales person assigned to call on the company.
  • Company Contact - The person at the company to contact. Click on their name to send an email to the contact. Click on the (+) to change the contact.
  • Influence - The influence is used to auto calculate commission splits for the assigned sales person.
    (Influence is also used on several reports to split the order value between specifiers allowing the report to be grouped and run by specifier.)

Notable Features

  • Clicking on the contact name starts the OASIS "Send Message" email feature. If an email is sent this way, the contact is automatically populated as the addressed to. Additionally, the email will be saved to the transaction attachments.
  • The influence values may be used in reporting and assigning sales accounts automatically. See this page for more information.
  • If a free form contact is added or if the Internal ID is lost for any reason, then the background text will turn yellow. This will indicate that the specifier is not connected to any in your database and will not allow proper reporting. If you see this please add the specifier by clicking the ellipsis ( ... button.)