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Clipboard Notes
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Clipboard Notes


Several applications within OASIS allow the use of “Clipboard” notes. These Clipboard notes allow you to store commonly used notes that you do not want type every time they are needed. The Clipboard stores these notes and allows you to select at least one set of notes to drop into the document speeding up the process of creating tractions. Below is a list of places in OASIS to find and use Clipboard notes plus how to use them:

  • Quotes
    1. In the Bill of Material there is a Note column – these are line item specific notes and will show immediately below the Part Number/Description on printed quote.

  1. Notes tab– any notes here will show below the Bill of Material in the printed quote.

  • Orders
    1. Notes tab – any notes here will show below the Bill of Material in the printed order

There are several other places within OASIS where clipboard notes are available, the same rules apply.

NOTE- Where ever the Clipboard note is created it only applies to that part of OASIS. Example – a Clipboard note created for the line item note section in a quote only applies or will be available to that section. 

How to use 

Click on the “clipboard” icon.

The Clipboard viewer window appears. (initially yours will be blank)

Enter a brief message in the top text box identifying the message (this message will appear as an item in the drop down list so keep as short as possible, yet still identifiable)

Then enter the “exact” message you want to appear on the transaction in the large text box (shown below)

By default “User” is checked, making the note available for ONLY me to use.

By un-checking the “User” box, the note will be available for everyone to use.

Then click the add new item button on the toolbar 

The clipboard note should now appear on the list on the right.

Again, to set the clipboard note for all users:

  • Uncheck the “User” box, then hit OK.
  • All users in this workgroup will have access to this clipboard note.

To remove items from the drop down list:

  • Highlight the item (right) that appears on the drop down list
  • Click the trash can.

There is no limit to the number of Clipboard Notes you can create.