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Installing OASIS as a Server
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Last modified on 9/1/2016 3:26 PM by User.

Installing OASIS as a Server

The following example is for Windows. If you use another operating system, follow the appropriate course of action or call OASIS support at (501) 843-6750.

Please go to

Once there, please select the operating system (32 or 64 bit) and whether it will be run on a server or client machine. In this document, we will install the server version. (The server installation includes a client.) Save the file to your desktop.


***Notice:  If you use Microsoft Outlook, you must make sure the OASIS installer matches the type of the Outlook version (Outlook 32 bit with OASIS 32 bit, Outlook 64 bit with OASIS 64 bit). This is necessary for emailing from OASIS using your Outlook program. Please note that Outlook 2010 can come in both 32 and 64 bit versions.  Your IT person should confirm what version you have for you. ***

After the download completes, double-click on the icon and the following window will open. Click Next.
Accept the license agreement and click Next.

This is where you will select the installation directory. You can use the default directory (recommended) or select another. Click the next button.

Press "Next" to start the installation.

The next window will show the progress of the OASIS installation.

After the installation completes, the following window will appear. 

Press "Finish". The installation of OASIS is now complete.