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On New Orders, Changing the Vendor PO Number


In some cases agencies cannot use the Vendor PO number for their resell orders.  The following demonstrates how when you first create the order you can manually input the Vendor PO # as required.  ***This technique will only work on NEW resell orders created in OASIS***


  • OASIS Resell Setup
  • Manufacturer and Customer setup for resell transactions

Step-by-Step Details

Create your resell order as usual with entering in the customer name and customer PO # and fixtures on the Items tab.  After all items that you are ordering are entered on the items tab, go to the vendor orders tab.

The tab initially is blank until you click on the update button.

Once, you click on the update button the list of Vendor orders will populate on the left hand side of the screen.  Click on the Vendor order that you need to change the PO # on.

With the Vendor PO selected on the left, you can click into the Vendor PO field and make the necessary changes.

Make any other notes or changes needed and then print your order to the factories as normal.