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New "Fast BOM"
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New "Fast BOM"


When OASIS Version 2.7 was released, a number of new technologies were introduced. The biggest of which was a move from a "spread sheet" view of the order bill of material (BOM) to a parent / child or "tree" view. The advantages quickly became clear to the OASIS trainers: the new view was very easy for users to understand factory item (splits) and allowed shipping information to be applied to the order in a very user friendly way. (We also introduced a line level invoice view to the order, helping customer service understand when an item was invoiced and for how much.)

The only down side: speed for very large orders (e.g. more than 20 lines or so).

Current "BOM" View

Below is how the order bill of material (BOM) is shown in OASIS:

Notice that this is actually a one-item order for 10 units at $10 each or $100 total. However, the factory shipped 10 (sets) of bolts for $1 and 10 Poles for $9. The invoice and shipping formation both show at the line level. Very easy to see (and with other features, easy to hide). Compared to OASIS 2.6, this is easy to read and update.

Data values on the screen behave like any blank on the general tab. This is a bit of a pain as clicking in a cell behaves less like a spread sheet and more like a project name or PO number field.

Then there is a speed issue with orders having more than 20 lines.

The New "BOM" View

Visually the view looks somewhat different than the existing BOM view. However, functionally it is identical. The same columns are available, and the row layouts are the same. There are three significant differences:

  • Speed! For larger orders, the new BOM view opens nearly instantly, but the old BOM view may take 30 seconds or so to open.
  • Editing and navigating the screen is more like a formatted spread sheet and less like other controls normally found on the general tab.
  • MANY enhancements when adding shipping, yellow (quantity / price too low) and red (quantity / price too high) coloring on splits, shipping and invoice lines.

One example of the spread sheet "feel" is when editing a cell: if you don't like what you are editing, press the escape (ESC) button to cancel the cell edit. Also, use the arrows to quickly navigate between cells.

The New "Grid" View

As part of the project to speed up the new view, we added features to make sure the order grid view has as many of the features available in the standard view as possible. Please note that it is impossible to show shipping and invoice information in the grid view (we tried in 2.6, but the result was very frustrating for users). The key difference is that the grid view is now able to color code lines in the same way as the standard view. Also, the value on are calculated the same way, allowing all the values to be exactly the same.

(Notice the splits, shipments and invoice information is not shown.)

Switching Views

Users may switch to the grid view at any time by activating the "Toggle View" feature available from the following locations:

  • Press the F8 hot key
  • Select "Tools" then "Toggle View"
  • Or clicking the following icon in the toolbar:

However, only the "Fast" or "Original" bill of material (BOM) view may be used per customer as it is a global setting. Eventually, the Original BOM will go away and the Fast BOM will be the only option. For now, the BOM view are controlled through the following global setting. (First select "Configuration" then "Software". Then click "Settings" under "Global Settings".):

Select the "Extra" tab, then check "Use 'FAST' bill of material control on orders and invoices". Users will have to log out and back into OASIS to see the change.