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Why upgrade to V16?
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Why upgrade to V16?


Ingen Software switched to Sybase's Adaptive Server Anywhere (ASA) in 2003. The reasons were simple:

  • A solid relational database foundation
  • Easily scaled (we currently have clients with one user to hundreds of users running the same software).
  • Nearly bulletproof data integrity - follow the simplest backup process and it is possible to recover from many hardware failures.

In 2003, OASIS was released with a copy of ASA Version 9.0 and has had much success with performance and support options. At the same time, users were still using Windows 95 for servers and buying Windows 2000 for upgrades. Much has changed since then, and software developers have had to respond to many changes in hardware and operating systems over the past 10 years. 


Some things have changed, but much has remained the same. Sybase has kept ASA up to date with these changes. ASA was renamed to SQL Anywhere when version 10 was released. SAP bought Sybase in 2010, and this brought a few changes as well. But the core database engine technology remains as stable and reliable as ever. Ingen Software switched from version 9 to version 11, and now to the current version 16 to take advantages of new hardware and operating system features, including 64 bit systems and multi-core processors.There are free databases available these days, but they don't have the features, performance, or stability of SQL Anywhere. There are "bigger" databases from a number of vendors, but these database typically require more hardware and a trained IT staff to manage. SQL Anywhere is the perfect fit for our customers.

ASA Version 9 is over 13 years old. Because of this, Sybase has dropped support for ASA version 9.
SQL Anywhere version 11 is over 8 years old, so it is also unsupported by Sybase at this time. 
SQL Anywhere 16 is the current supported release.

What does this NOT mean:

  • Your database will NOT suddenly stop working
  • If you do have a system failure, you will NOT lose all your data (as long as you have backups).
  • You do NOT have to budget money for buying an upgrade from V9 to V11 to V16. (This is part of your support and maintenance fees.)
  • Your server will NOT suddenly start running faster either.

What this does mean:

  • The hardware and operating system vendors WILL eventually cause the software to not run - change is constant in the software industry.
  • If you do have a failure and do not have a backup, recovery of the data WILL be very expensive.
  • If you would like to have all the bug fixes and performance enhancements of SQL Anywhere version 16, you MUST upgrade.


We strongly recommend that you upgrade to version 16. There is no known "drop dead date" that will cause you significant failures, but change is constant in the software industry, and the next update of your operating system could be the one that causes ASA Version 9 to stop running. At that time, your only option is to upgrade (Remember: Version 9 is over 13 years old and Version 11 is over 8 years old!). Start planning now for the upgrade, and don't get caught needing to upgrade your database on "bid day"!


First - if you have a current OASIS software maintenance agreement with Ingen Software, then the ASA Version 16 upgrade has been paid to Sybase already! Just call our support line for any last minute details.

If needed, we recommend that an external USB hard drive be purchased before the upgrade. It is best to begin the upgrade process by backing up the version 9 or version 11 database to the USB drive. The USB drive may also be used for the upgrade if your server is limited in available disc space.

For planning purposes, we recommend that the available hard drive space on the server (or USB attached drive) be equal to two (2) times the size of your oasis.db and oasis.log files added together. (For example: if oasis.db is 100 GB and oasis.log is 500 MB, then we recommend that 201 GB available disc space be available for the upgrade.) Please note that this could be available space on an external USB attached drive. At the time of this writing, a $100 USB drive is 2000GB or 2TB - far more than is required for our largest customers.

What to do next?

Give us a call at (501) 843-6750. We can review your upgrade plan and schedule a time for your upgrade. The time is to ensure a specialist is available here in the remote chance you do run into problems.

Additionally, we are able to use past statistics to estimate the amount of time required to upgrade your database. Do plan on the database being down for 4 hours or more. The time varies by the size of the oasis.db file and the available hardware.

Give us a call today!