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Resell (Buy/Sell) on a Quote
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Resell (Buy/Sell) on a Quote

NOTE: This article assumes that set up has been completed for the resell company, manufacturers (vendors), and customers (including sales tax accounts.) Please review set up articles or contact support for assistance, if necessary. 

OASIS has comprehensive resell capabilities. Users are able to enter the following items:

  • Manufacturers that may or may not be sold. We refer to these as "resell OK" vendors.  Agents can create both commissioned and resell orders for this manufacturer. Due to the dual nature of this vendor, users can have commission on a resell order if needed or they can remove the commission if they do not receive commission on resell transactions.
  • Manufacturers that are always bought and resold. We refer to these as "resell only" vendors. 
  • Services or intangibles are billables usually produced and billed under the company or resell company's name
  • Profit is the margin that can be added to resold items and billed at the same time. 

Quoting Resell Items

In order to start the buy/sell process from the quote, you must add the “Resell” and “Cost” columns to your quote screen. You can do this by clicking File, then Preferences, adding and/or re-positioning the columns as needed.

Lines are identified in a project or quote by clicking on the "resell" check box and entering a cost. Resell only items will automatically set the resell check box and the cost column will remain yellow until a cost is entered. No cost is required on profit lines. Once the line(s) are identified you can proceed with the normal process of quoting the job. The quote appears exactly the same to the customer and the customer will see the brand names of the items being quoted. However, since OASIS understands the buy/sell process, the manufacturer breakout will list all resell items on one page under the name of the resell company. This ensures that customers place an order with you and not the underlying vendor. Once you get the job, OASIS will process the vendor PO as well as the invoice to the customer. This allows tracking and managing of the job to be in one system. Users can buy/sell anything from lamps and anchor bolts to the entire bill of materials. Users can also setup inventory and have OASIS pull items from a warehouse as well. 

If you are doing buy/sell on a line:

  • Check the box in the Resell column for that line
  • In the Cost column, enter a cost (even if zero) 

NOTE: On "resell OK" vendors, commission can still apply to the quote and the commission will be on the Vendor PO when converting to an order.

In the above example:

  • Line 1 is a standard commissioned part with a sell price.
  • Line 2 is a standard resell part with a cost and a sell price. This could be a "resell only" or a "resell OK" vendor. 
  • Line 3 is a fee for services and has a sell price but not a cost.
  • Line 4 is a profit line associated with a manufacturer set up for billing only. It has a sell price but no cost.

Terms used

  • Resell check box – used for an item that is resale – check the box and enter a cost in the Cost column. This starts the resale process.

NOTE: The manufacturer and customer must both be setup to allow resell before the resell check box and cost columns work.

  • Cost– when item is checked for Resell, then you must enter the cost here. OASIS will then recognize this line item as a resell item. When the quote is converted to an order, OASIS will create the order to the manufacturer from the resale company (agency) and create the outbound invoice(s) to the end customer.

NOTE: ALL resell items will be listed under your resell company name on manufacturer breakout prints.  This is by design so that the customer will issue the purchase order to the agency not the vendor being bought and sold.  See example below.