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Commission Report


This report is only available in the manufacturer version of OASIS.

Manufacturer are able to use this report to pay sales agencies. Commissions payments from this report may be paid when the item ships (e.g. from invoices) or after the customer pays (and the payment is recorded in OASIS).


Prior to running the report, the following steps must be taken:

  • Representatives must be defined in OASIS (See the article Representatives)
  • The representatives must be identified with any splits between reps (see example below)
  • The order must be invoiced before the invoice section of the report is run (by Invoice date)
  • The invoice must be paid before the paid section of the report is run (by Payment date)

The splits are always calculated from the commission opportunities defined on the order:

In this example, the "First Rep" representative will receive 50% of the commission and overage defined on the order. The rest of the commission and overage will be kept by the manufacturer for managing the order directly without a rep.

Running The Report

Running the report only requires identifying the invoice and/or payment date. The biggest item to keep in mind is consistency. Consider this:

  • If you always pay when an order ships, only use the invoice date - never use the payment date
  • If you always pay when the customer pays, only use the payment date - never use the invoice date.
  • If you pay commissions when an item ships and overage when you get paid, then select both date ranges and pull the corresponding data from the report.
  • Do the same thing next month...

The system has two orders that have been invoiced and one is paid. (The paid order is the example above and the other order has no commission or overage.)

The first section is by invoice date and the commission and overage are 50% (specification credit only) of the totals.

The second section is by date the customer paid the invoice (actually the date we received the check). The commission and overage are 50% of the expected 50% of the commission and overage. This is due to the fact the customer paid 50% of the invoice ($75 of $150).