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The representatives application in OASIS is used to record all the sales reps the OASIS user might need to correspond with. How the data is utilized varies from version to version of OASIS. For our agency users, this section does not fully replace the older "Agencies" tab found in configuration of projects - see the Competition article for more information.

Here is how the representatives data is utilized, by OASIS version:

  • Agency Version: This forms a contact list for out of territory reps you may interact with.
  • Distributor Version: Assign reps to manufacturers to combine purchase orders in send message. This allows you to send one email and not one for each factory on the order the rep manages.
  • Manufacturer Version: The representatives forms a list of first tier contacts you send quotes to. Also allows you to identify credit per rep - including split credit when necessary.

Representatives Application

The representatives application is found under the configurations folder of the agency and distributor versions of OASIS (as the data is optional). In the manufacturer version of OASIS, the representatives application is found just before the customers application. Manufacturers using OASIS are encouraged to add their reps to the representatives application. Distributors, contractors and specifiers should be added to the customers section of OASIS for all versions of OASIS.

The application provides for the basic search facilities found elsewhere in OASIS and the resulting list any matching representatives stored in the OASIS database.

Representative Editor

This editor has many of the same features found under the customers application in OASIS:


  • Representative Name: name of the company
  • Representative ID: Short ID to identify the company
  • Active: Don't delete reps, just deactivate them. This keeps historical data.
  • E-Mail O2O: When checked, the rep will receive a .o2o file of any transaction including the standard .pdf file (send message only). The rep will be able to quickly import the data into OASIS.

Contact Information

  • Mail To: where to send standard correspondance
  • Bill To: where to send billing information
  • Phone E-Mail and other numbers: as required


The contacts tab forms a list of contacts that may be quickly selected in send message.


This is where you can select the manufacturers that the company represents and related workgroup.


Attachments may be used to store any information associated with the representative.  The functionality of the attachments tab matches that of the other areas of OASIS.  For more information on the capability and features, please click on this link.