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Converting Database from V9 to…
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Last modified on 11/4/2013 2:03 PM by User.

Converting Database from V9 to V11

Rebuilding the Database

**IMPORTANT!!** Before you start this process, make sure all users are out of Oasis, that the current database is not running, and that you have a current backup of the original database. Also, before the process starts, we are going to create a folder named "old" and move the current database to it.

**NOTE** This process can take quite a long time depending on your computer's processing power. 

After installing the new version of Oasis, go to Start > Programs > OASIS271 > Database > ASA Configuration

After the ASA Configuration window opens, go to Tools > Rebuild Database

This will open up another window. The first step to rebuilding the database is to tell the program where your database is currently located.

After this window opens, you will need to point it to the current database.

**NOTE**The database that is being converted should be a copy of the most recent backup (to protect data in the event of an error).

Press open.  The next window that opens is the one that you will want to make sure is pointing to where the new database will be placed.

**NOTE** The output directory should be different than the input directory.

**NOTE** Because the conversion process has not been completed, there is nothing in this folder.

After you select the location of the new database, the conversion process will start. When it completes you will get the following notification.

**NOTE**  This is a conversion process that completed normally. If the process does not complete normally, you should call Ingen Software at (501)-843-6750.