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Lamps and Accessories
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Lamps and Accessories


One of the quote tools in OASIS is the Lamp and Accessory lines related to fixture lines. Use the Code column will allow the system to identify a lamp or accessory item associated with a fixture line above. The Lamp or Accessory line will always be associated with the fixture line directly above it (and cannot be used without it). When printing the quote the Lamp or Accessory line can be shown or not, price shown or not and pricing can rolled up into the fixture line. No calculations for quantities are needed, simply enter the number of Lamps or Accessories the fixture line takes and OASIS will take care of the rest.

This document will explain how to use. 

NOTE - A Lamp in the Code column may also be used for a Component in a Kit. See Kits and Components help sheet. 

Here’s how to use:

Lamps & Accessories work exactly the same. They are always associated with the fixture/line above. You may have more than one lamp or accessory lines associated with a fixture (example below).

 - in the Code column under a fixture line, begin typing Lamp or Accessory and the menu will appear.

When the quote is printed, it may be printed several ways. 



In the last print dialog box:

 - If nothing is selected

 - It will roll the price of the Lamps and/or Accessories in to the price of the fixture and ONLY show the fixture line.

 - See below

 - If “Show Components, Lamps and Accessories” box is checked

It will show the Lamp and/or Accessory lines (also multiply the number of lamps/accessories per fixture times the fixture quantity), but still roll the price of the lamps/accessories into the price of the fixture and show “(included)” in the Price column.

See below

If the “Show Components, Lamps and Accessories” box is checked and also the “Show Component Prices” box is checked it will split out the Lamps and/or Accessory lines on their own line and priced separately as well

It will print the Lamp and/or Accessory lines and also break out the pricing.

See below.