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Last modified on 10/12/2011 12:21 PM by User.


Kit & Component Roll-up Added to Price List


One of the features in a Quote Bill of material, using the Code column, is Kit & Components. This allows you to create a kit or assembly line, then have component lines that make up the kit. When printing/displaying this to the customer on a quote the user can show only the kit line (all pricing for the lines rolled up in the kit line), the kit line and the component lines (but with pricing still rolled up in the kit line) or show each line with it’s own pricing. You can now add this “kit” to your price list. Then select the kit part number in the price list and it will roll out the kit with all the component lines on your quote.

How to create:

First, in the quote, create your Kit & Component lines as needed.

 - in the example below, this Kit is made up of 3 Component lines and one Lamp line.

 - notice the pricing for the Kit (Sell column) has been rolled up in the Kit line.

 - when you have completed the Kit,

 - Right-click the part number on the Kit line and select “Make Kit…”

Then, a Message window will appear indicating the kit has been created and added to the price file.

 - Opening the price file you will see the kit part number has been added

The next time this part number is entered on a quote, while selecting the part number, the Kit line with the related Component lines will be added to the quote.