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Submittals allows users to store PDF, JPEG, and other image types as cut sheets in OASIS. These cut sheets can be linked to specific catalog number combinations and "learned" by OASIS. These learned images - including any highlights or other annotations on the pages - will automatically pull into a new submittal, allowing you to create a professional looking submittal package in a fraction of the time!

Submittals includes the following  features:

  • Significant user interface updates
  • Linkage to URLs representing cut sheets on the web (with the ability to update directly from the factory website)
  • Better search facility to aid in finding cut sheets already in OASIS
  • The ability to download all cut sheets directly from many factory web sites
  • Updated to take advantage of more Adobe® updates to the PDF specification.
  • When producing a final submittal, the output PDF file can be limited to a given file size.  If the total submittal package will be larger than the given limit, OASIS will split the final PDF print into as many parts as it needs to fulfill that limit. The same may be done when sending using the OASIS send message feature, allowing all email files to be limited to a given size.

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