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Order Backlog Report


Groups reconciling in OASIS will want to run the Order Backlog report regularly. This report, by default, will show all orders not fully paid, broken out by manufacturer. A line for each order will display with the order totals and commission/earnings, and the amount of remaining invoices to be applied (Sales Credit) plus the remaining commission due (Receivable). The report will identify all orders for each factory that have not been fully paid and a total for each.


 - Orders that have been manually closed.

 - Orders closed because of the "threshold" limit for payments in the Manufacturer setup

 - Orders that have been fully paid.


It is a great report for knowing where you stand with each manufacturer as far as "money owed you"

Our feedback has been “we have always found money due using this report”.  


To run the report: 

Go to the Orders Section in OASIS 

Click on Reports on the Menu bar and select “Order Transaction Report”

The “Customer Order Listing Report” window appears.

 - Click the Order Backlog radio button – this report shows all orders that have not been completely or fully paid.  

 - In the Timeframe area, select the time frame by clicking the window, select the year, quarter, month or a particular day to start and end the report.

 - NOTEObviously orders entered 30-60 days ago may not be important for the report, so adjust the dates accordingly.

 - Make sure the "Show Details" button is pushed.

 - Sales Accounts may also be used to narrow the report parameters. Use the Add/Remove to adjust/narrow as needed.




Next, the Selection tab will let you narrow the Orders down to Resell or Commission, Hold or Release or certain Manufacturers or Customers.


Next, the Grouping tab will let you group the report by Workgroup, Customer, Sales Account, Manufacturer, Project Name or Specifiers.

Most of the time groups run the report by Manufacturer, since they want to know everything outstanding per manufacturer.

Push the radio button for Manufacturer.


Next, the Saved Reports tab will show any saved reports/versions from this area


Next, Click Print. 

An Example of the report is below.

There are two (three if doing Buy/sell) columns to watch carefully

-    Sales Credit – this is the remaining dollars yet to have invoices applied in OASIS (amount not shipped/invoiced yet)

-    Receivable – Commission & overage dollars unpaid. (according to OASIS posted payments) - Money owed you


This report may also be saved and ran again at any time.

Click Saving Reports in OASIS to learn how to save a report


Our recommendation, is to run this report monthly

NOTE - Excel Friendly - this check box will allow you to run this report in a "Friendly" Excel report/print allow you to further manipulate in Excel.