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Manufacturer / Customer Configuration



Within the Manufacturer and Customer section, groups can set up various options to specialize OASIS to their specific needs.  You can adjust or add to these settings as needed. The sections below will explain these settings. The most common setting change is “Roles”


To change settings, go to File, then Configuration.


Roles – Customer Type 

There are 5 roles in OASIS by default (Architect, Engineer, Distributor, Contractor and Owner). OASIS understands they may be other roles depending on your market or you may have a need to change existing roles. We encourage adding all Roles / Customers you do business with. When adding a customer to a job, they will follow the job through the entire process in OASIS and allow users powerful reporting tools.

Change any existing Role or add new Roles on blank lines using both a Role and Description column.

  • Always Show – do you want this entry to always appear on the General tab of a Project/Quote or Order.
  • Required – Requires an entry to be selected before quoting or entering an order.
  • Direct Customer / Indirect Customer – most scenarios the defaults settings will not need to be changed – call OASIS support before making changes to these settings. 

Unit Quantity (change only if using the “UQ” column in Quotes or Orders).


Influence – when attaching specifiers to jobs 

If using the Ranking system in OASIS, adjustments to the ranking (amount of influence a specifier has) can be changed.

NOTE – these changes also affect sales/commission accounts if using ranking.


Cust. Ranks – associated with the above Influence section 

Changes / additions can be made to the Ranking system in OASIS. Add any new ranks on the blank lines.


Agent Prod. Classes 

Used to identify product classes for items made by this manufacturer. Can be used in price lists within OASIS.


MFG Prod. Types 

Used to identify Manufacturer Product types. Can be used in price lists within OASIS.



Used indentify various currencies in OASIS and the exchange rate.


Comm Opportunity

Used to identify various territory credit opportunities. These will show when setting up a manufacturer

Manufacturer Setup


Choosing credit in an order - Go to Tools, then "Agency Splits" then, enter the correct percentages.


 Phone Kinds

 - Track any contact information for a manufacturer. Change existing Kinds or add any new ones on a blank line.