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Setup and Use of Resell»Invoices from Resell order
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Last modified on 9/30/2013 10:41 AM by User.


Invoices from Resell order

OASIS handles multiple types of invoices for resell including deposit invoices, vendor invoices, customer invoices, and combined resell invoices.


Deposit Invoices

 Some agents require a deposit before ordering resell items or some vendors require a deposit.  

Vendor Invoices- These are entered for multiple reasons including:

  • Tracking shipped/ invoiced items allowing users to reconcile the job. 
  • Triggering invoicing for the parts invoiced
  • Triggering the invoicing of profit and/or services

Customer Invoices-

These invoices can be triggered by a vendor invoice or created on their own.  The benefit of this type of invoice is that the ENTIRE bill of material including profit and services can be invoiced from this type of transaction. 

Combined Resell Invoices-

This all in one invoice allows users to track both the vendor and customer side of the transaction at one time.  A user can ONLY invoice for items ordered from that vendor.