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Last modified on 7/26/2018 1:57 PM by User.

Setting up the OASIS Web Portal

Before you begin, you will need to contact Ingen Software to get the download link to the actual web portal. Once you have downloaded the file (should be a zip file or an .exe file), you can begin following the steps below.

Downloading the JDK

Before you can download the Tomcat server, you will need to download and install the JDK. Begin by clicking the link below, selecting your operating system, and downloading the file:

Once you get the download, follow the steps to install the JDK.

Downloading Apache Tomcat

The OASIS web piece runs off of Apache Tomcat for it's web server. To download Tomcat for Windows (32/64 bit), follow the link below:

Tomcat 7 & 8 are supported.

Installing Tomcat

Open and run the installer file for Tomcat. During most screens, you can take the defaults and simply hit "Next" or "Agree".


When you get to the following screen, confirm that the "HTTP/1.1 Connector Port" (which defaults to "8080") will not conflict with any other services that you currently have running. For example, if you already have a web server running on this machine, you may want to switch it to a different port ("8081", for example). Otherwise, keep the defaults.

On the final screen, it will attempt to find the directory where you installed the JDK. Make sure the path matches where you installed it to, then click "Install."


Installing the OASIS web piece

Once Tomcat has been successfully installed, you can move the .zip file you got to the webapps folder in the Tomcat program files directory. To get there, go to "Start" > "All Programs" > Apache Tomcat 6.0. You should see an entry here for "Tomcat 6.0 Program Directory". Clicking on this will take you directly to the Tomcat program files directory.

Double-click on the "webapps" folder. Here is where you will copy or download the OASIS web portal zip file to.

If you have WinZip, use the option for "Extract to here" to extract the files from the zip. If you do not, make sure that your end result is similar to the screenshot below (with the OASIS.war file being in the base "webapps" folder):


Starting Tomcat

Now that you've downloaded and installed the OASIS web piece, you can start the Tomcat server. Begin by clicking on "Start" > "All Programs" > "Apache Tomcat 6.0". There will be an option for "Monitor Tomcat" here.

Click on "Monitor Tomcat" and you'll get a small icon next to your clock in Windows.

Right-click on the icon, and in the menu, select "Start service".

The icon will change from a red dot to a green arrow. If it does not, contact Ingen Software.

Locating the Website

Once you've completed the installation, you can now check to ensure that the web portal install was successful. Begin by opening your web browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.). Once there, type in the url bar (from the server):


Where "[yourportnumber]" is the port that you entered in the tomcat install process. In most cases, this will be "8080".

Next, you will need to tie the OASIS web piece to your OASIS database. Go to http://localhost:[port]/OASIS/configure.jsp

On this screen, fill in the boxes as necessary. If you are running the web piece from the same machine as your database, you can simply put "localhost" as the server, and port "2638". If not, you will need to enter the information that you use to log into the server using a sybase connection. If your web server is not on the same network as your database, then you will need to call Ingen Software and discuss options.

After you enter the information, hit "Save" then go back to "http://localhost:[port]/OASIS/". Hit "refresh," then make sure that the "OASIS login" at the top now reflects your workgroup name.

That's it! You can now go through the steps of setting up OASIS to utilize the web portal.


Q: I can't access "http://localhost:[port]/OASIS/"

A: You may not be able to access the web portal, but check to see if tomcat is started. Make sure you can access "http://localhost:[port]/", and get the following page:

If you do, then you need to make sure that the OASIS.war file in the Tomcat "webapps" directory was created sucessfully, and that a new folder called "OASIS" is there.

If there is a .war file, but no folder, then you may need to restart tomcat.

Q: I can't even get to "http://localhost:[port]"!

A: Then tomcat may not be started. Go to "Start" > "Control Panel" and click on "Administrative Tools". From there, select "Services" and double-click on it.

From here, locate the service called "Apache Tomcat" and see if it has the status of "Started".

If it does not say "Started", right click on the service and hit "Start." Wait until the service starts, then try again.

Q: The Tomcat Windows service will not start.  (Receiving error code 1 or undefined error)

A: There are a couple of suggestions to resolve this:

  • Make sure the JDK was not installed with a 3rd Party program or app manager
  • Check on if there is both a 32 bit and 64 bit install of the JDK, if so, then remove both and reinstall just the 64 bit version. 

Q: I can't get the website to show my workgroup name and/or I can't login!

A: Contact OASIS Support