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Preferences - Moving, Adding, …
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Preferences - Moving, Adding, Deleting

Moving, Deleting and Adding Columns in Any Screen 

(Changing Home screen items, changing column widths, order of columns and more) 



Any screen in OASIS can essentially be changed/configured to suit the user’s needs. The Home Screen is automatically tailored to the persons role when logged in, meaning if you are a CSR/Order Entry person then orders will dominate the screens. However, users can change what they see and stylize with different fonts and sizes.  For “Bill of Material” type screens the columns can be re-arranged or columns can be added or removed very easily. Groups can also create a single setting and apply the settings to the entire group. This allows agencies and individual users flexibility to see the columns they need. 


Home Screen Preferences 

The Home screen can be configured / changed to suit your needs by going to: 

  • File, then Preferences
  • Below is an explanation of each of the fields 


Show Last 

Of each of the checkbox items below, how many of the most recent items do I want to see on my Home screen? If you do not want to see any of these items, simply leave the box un-checked. 

Calculate – PO Totals This Week 

If you have rights, you can view the PO Totals for the week. The totals run from Sunday through Saturday. Columns and Rows can be arranged to suit user needs. 

Other items – see below 


Show Manufacturer and Customer IDs 


Show Bid Board 

Users can view : 

-          Entire Bid Board – users can see the entire company’s Bid Board, all jobs bidding 

-          My Workgroup – if you have more than one workgroup you can choose only your workgroup’s bids 

-          My Bids Only – choose to see only your bids on the Home Screen 

Hide Dispute Notes / Hide Disputes 

Choose to show or not show disputed order notes in the Problem PO’s tab 

Show product menu drop-downs 

Choose to let OASIS display possible part nomenclatures when typing in a part number. 

Show order status in orders and quotes 

Choose to show line order status in quotes (color) 

Show message popups from other users (and fax) 

Choose to allow popups (messages) and fax popups from inbound Inbox or forwards from other users 

Other Screens - Quote BOM, an order, invoice, payment, etc. 


Widening / Reducing width of columns 

  • Place the cursor on the vertical bar between columns and use the left mouse button to size columns as needed.
  • Example below
  • Once columns are adjusted, go to File, then Preferences and click OK to make permanent. 


Adding / Removing Columns 

Example – in this example we will be adding the “Chk” column to the Invoice Editor screen 


In the Invoice screen, go to File and Preferences 

The Invoice Editor Preferences window appears 

NOTE – Show Fields side – shows the columns you are currently looking at and in the order you are looking at 

Available Fields – all the other columns that are available to see 


In the window, look for the “Chk” on the Available Fields side


You will need to move it to the Show Fields side, so highlight it 

Then hit the “less than” sign and it will move to Show Fields side



If you would like to move the “Chk” column in order (make it the first column) 

Highlight the “Chk” 

Then use the Up & Down buttons to move it around


Then hit OK, your Chk column should be where you want it.