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Tracking Problem Orders


In a perfect world there would be no problems with any order, however, in the real world issues will arise from time to time and must be tracked. OASIS provides a means to flag orders when there is a problem and allows you to deal with them as needed by using the Problem order function within an order.  OASIS then allows you to follow-up with information, over time, hopefully leading to a resolution. Reports and lists can be created to view problem orders by factory, customer or other filters. This document will show you how to manage problem orders in OASIS.


When there is an issue with an order:


Open the order

Go to File, then select “New Problem”.

In the PO Problem window:

  • Give a brief description in the Description text box
  • In the large text area, enter the reason for the problem and any additional information.
  • In the “For” drop down select the person for whom the problem needs to show on their Home screen for follow-up (by default it will show the user logged in)


  • Click OK.
  • The Select window will open, select the customer or manufacturer (from the order) this problem is associated with.
  • If you want to narrow to a specific person at either, hit the drop down button and select a specific person.


You will now see contacts, select the contact needed.

Click OK


A “Problems!” tab has now been added to the order with all the information entered in the window above.

Once the Problem is added the Problems tab will turn Red until resolved. Also, reports and lists can be show on Problems 


To add/define responsibility for the problem, click the “responsibility” link. In the window: 

  • Re-write the Description if needed
  • Money – enter any money in question in the choices given.
  • Commission Accounts – add or change any commission account responsibility




“add follow-up” 

  • As these problems work toward a resolution, OASIS gives you a tool to add other information. Click on the “add follow-up” button to follow-up.

  • Enter a Description for this follow-up
  • For – associated person
  • Enter a complete description in the large text area
  • Click OK

NOTE - You will see the list of follow-up in chronological order with a pink or magenta background.





  • Click the “add follow-up” link
  • Repeat the process above, this time checking the “Resolved” box at the bottom of the window


  • Hit OK

The window background (in the tab) will now be white as the problem is resolved

The example below shows the first problem, then another follow-up, then a resolution.



Reporting/Viewing Problem Orders 

Problem orders can view viewed in a list at any time. Go to the Orders section and click on “Problem Orders” in the search area to the right. The list of problems orders will appear. Generally, users will work through the list from time to time resolving issues as needed.


As always, this documentation will be shown in the Attachments tab as well.