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Product Sales Report


Many items are quoted and ordered by agencies during the normal course of business. At times there may be a need to see how many of a certain item were sold and maybe filter by specific customer. The Product Sales report will show a particular product or using a wildcard can show a product with various options.

The report can be run from Orders or from the Price Lookup section. The process is the same.



In the sample report below, the user wants to know how many of a certain product (or similar product) they had sold for last year.

The below example will be ran from Price Lookup.


Go to Price Lookup

Then go to Reports and select “Product Sales Report”.

In the Product Sales window,

  • Select the timeframe
  • Enter the part number OR a pattern. In the example below I could enter EZ*. Using the asterisk allows me to search for any part beginning with the “EZ”.
  • In the Manufacturer area, click Add and select the Manufacturer


If you want to narrow the report to a single customer, select Add in the customer area and add the customer(s).


Grouping tab (optional) 

This area allows you to sort the report by selection


Select tab (optional) 

This area allows you to filter further and works as other reports in OASIS.

Example report below



  • By Customer
  • Show the part, quantity (Qty) sold, a minimum, maximum and an average price.