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Auto assigning sales accounts and percentages


OASIS has a number of rules that may be established to assign the sales accounts on a project or order. This article reviews several of these features, but is not exhaustive.

The Goal

The Sales Accounts shown on the order are the final say in which sales person(s) get(s) credit for the order. The sales accounts for each sales person is listed with the corresponding percentage they get credit the person is to receive. (Each account may only be listed once.)

(Janell gets 100% of the order credit.)

The Rules

Here are the rules (features) used to establish the sales accounts and percentage. The rules are listed in order of priority. That is, a manually keyed split is taken over any of the auto calculated splits.

  1. Manually keyed sales account or percentage.
  2. Sales accounts copied from a project, quote or "new like" order. The new order receives what was defined for the original transaction.
  3. Influence calculated from the specifier and related sales person
  4. Default workgroup sales account.

Manually keyed sales account or percentage

When a sales account is manually keyed, the following popup may appear:

OASIS is warning that the influence calculation will be disabled and only manual adjustments to the sales accounts will be allowed. To re-enable the auto calculation, press the "update" button just below the specifier list:

For groups that always manually key the sales accounts, there is a global setting to turn off the influence calculation - see below.

Sales accounts copied from another transaction

A new PO will have the same commission accounts and specifier list when creating the PO with these features:

  • Creating a PO from a project
  • Attaching a new PO to an existing project (under the file menu of the project).
  • Creating a new PO using the "new PO Like" feature in the file menu of an existing PO.

Influence calculated from the specifier and related sales person

One option many of our customers are starting to use is to give sales credit as the specifier(s) and customer is selected on the order. This allows the quoters and customer service users to stay out of the process and automate the sales account selection. The down side is the calculation does require some study to ensure everyone understands how the process works.

Here are the nuts and bolts:

  • Set the customer role - this is important as specifier types and end customers may vary.
  • You MUST set the "Rank" for all customers (see below to set all ranks to the "A" or best rank).
  • The Assigned To must be set for all customers and specifiers.

When a specifier is added to a project or order, the above information is used to calculate the influence. This is done through the "Influence" table found in the "Customers" application under the "File" then "Configuration" menu. The default influence table is shown:


When a specifier or customer is added to a transaction, the following steps are performed:

  • The influence is calculated by taking the role and the Rank to lookup a numeric value in the influence table (above).
  • The sales person is added to the transaction beside the specifier or customer AND the sales accounts.
  • The sales percentages are recalculated using the sum of influences for a given sales person divided by the total influences on the transaction.

Here is an example (both the architect and the customer are ranked "A" or best):

With each entry, the role and the rank are used to look up the corresponding influence(which happens to be 70 for both in this example) and the sales user is also looked up. Next, the sales accounts and percentages are recalculated as shown below. Note that the calculation is done by adding the influence for a given sales person (70 in this example) and divided by the sum of all influences on the transaction (140 in this example).

Here is the sales accounts field:

Default workgroup sales account

This rule does not apply to projects or quotes - only orders. When a new PO is created and:

  • There is no sales accounts on the existing transaction
  • The influences are not setup (or enabled)

In these cases, the default workgroup sales accounts are copied to the order. They may be set up per workgroup by selecting "Configuration" then "Workgroups". Then open the related workgroup and select the "Order Entry" tab:

Typically, a house account is used, but any combination of sales accounts and percentages may be used.


Manually turning off the influence calculation

Select "Configuration" then "Software". Then select the "Settings" link under "Global Preferences". On the General tab, check "Manual commission splits":