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RMA - Returned Materials Authorization

From time to time, materials need to be returned because a part is shipped and may be broken, the wrong finish, etc. OASIS provides the RMA process to create a form to send to the manufacturer for returning items. In addition, OASIS will also create a replacement PO for you and automatically enter the PO number with the addition of “REPL” on the end of the PO number. 

The RMA form can be printed, faxed, emailed (or with some factories, sent direct). A record of this document will also be attached to the order (in the Attachments tab) showing you a history of the order.

Creating an RMA Request

Go to the Orders section. Find the order with material (items) you need to return. Open the order and go to the Items tab, then go to “Action” on the menu bar and select “RMA Request”.

  • A window will appear listing all lines on the PO.
  • Select the line(s) needed (Sel check box).
  • Enter the quantity being returned (Qty column).
  • In the example below we are returning 10 of type P1.
  • Click Print (Select Output To).

  • If you click Print and do not go to the “Reason” tab to give the reason for the return, a window will pop up requiring you to give the reason.
  • Click OK and OASIS will direct you to the Reason tab.
  • Enter the reason for the return. This will appear on the RMA print
  • Click Print (Set "Output To" first).
  • A printed RMA example is below.

Replacement PO 

  • OASIS will offer the window below to create a replacement PO. Select "Yes" to create a replacement.
  • If not needed, select "No". 

An example of the new replacement PO is below. OASIS will create the PO and add “REPL” on the end of the PO number.


The Items tab will have the show the returned item. Follow the same print routines for a normal order print.

See also: Applying RMA Responses