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Shipping Toolbar


Collecting shipping information is important for effective customer service. OASIS provides a number of different methods to aid in adding shipping information quickly.

The shipping toolbar is used in the order to quickly "stamp" shipping information on one or more lines of the order

The shipping toolbar is used in the invoice to add the same shipping information to invoice lines as they are invoiced.

Using the Shipping Toolbar

In orders, the shipping toolbar is hidden by default. For invoices, the shipping toolbar shows automatically (by default - unless the global setting "Don't ask for shipping details when creating invoices).

To show the toolbar, select "Shipping Toolbar" in the "Edit" menu



This will show the toolbar. For orders, almost any combination of data may be added. However, for invoices, all information must be keyed to use the feature:


On orders, use the "Sel" column to select one or more lines on the order to add shipping information to. When ready, press the "Apply" button and shipping lines will appear under the selected lines containing the information in the shipping toolbar. If shipping lines are selected, then the shipping line is updated (new lines are only created if order lines are selected).


In invoices, simply key a quantity shipped. A shipping line is created under the invoice line containing the shipping information from the toolbar. If zero is keyed on the invoice line, the shipping line is removed.