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Invoices»"Find" in a transaction
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"Find" in a transaction


Externally, OASIS has a powerful search method covering the entire database (e.g. searching for orders by catalog number). Once a transaction is selected, it may still be difficult to locate the required data: consider an order with 20 or more fixture types!

The find used in a transaction scans most tabs of the transaction (e.g. order or invoice) and selects the field containing the matching text.

Using "Find"

The find feature is hidden by default. To activate the feature, select "Find" from the "File" menu:

This displays the find feature:

Pressing "Find" will locate the first occurrence of the text. The search is not case sensitive. In this case, the "Items" tab is selected and the last line of the order is scrolled to be visible:

The "Next" and "Prev" buttons may be used to repeat the search.

When the find feature is no longer required, click on the check box beside the buttons and the feature will be hidden.