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Closing (Pulling) Files Using …
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Closing (Pulling) Files Using OASIS


OASIS is used to manage thousands of orders a month at many agencies. This can lead to many files (manila folders) spread across the office. The process described here shows how OASIS may be used to identify files that may be collected, boxed and filed outside the office.

Once filed, a tracking number is used to identify the information stored electronically in OASIS versus the physical information stored offsite. For this reason, the file code and file date are stored on all filed quotes and orders in OASIS.


Identifying what to file

This process assumes orders, invoices and payments (OASIS transactions) are properly keyed into OASIS. When the amount of the invoice equals the amount of the order AND the amount paid on the order equals the expected commission on the order, OASIS will automatically close the order. Orders may be manually closed as required by the agency.

The “Close and File Report” should be run periodically to identify projects and individual (e.g. stock) orders that should be filed:

The parameters allow the user to pull project, individual orders, or both. Additionally, a timeframe may be used to restrict the search by quote bid date or by order entry date.

The report uses the following method to identify when a project should be filed:

  • All orders created from the project must be closed.
  • The project must not already have a file code assigned to it.

The quote report shows basic quote information, quote total, expected earnings, PO total, and PO earnings:

 The report uses the following method to identify when an order should be filed:

  • The order must be closed.
  • The order must not already have a file code assigned to it.

The PO report is very similar to the PO backlog report. The idea is to show PO expected earnings, actual earnings, and resulting balance. Subtotals are by manufacturer and a grand total is provided. The idea is to show potential losses:

Assigning File Codes

On all OASIS quote and order screens, a “File Code” field is available in the "Find" function. 

Within the quote or order, go to the "General" tab

-     Input the file code assigned

-     Once the file code is assigned, a file date is assigned (the current date)

-     Select "Save and Close"


Retrieving quote/order with File Code 

-     Go to quotes or orders

-     In the right hand column, select "Find"



-     Select the "More" tab (If in quotes, File Code field is in Basic tab)

-     Input the file code to be searched, then select "ok".



Once the file code is assigned to OASIS, the folder (quote or order) should be stamped with the same code. (In the case of a project, the phase is marked inactive when the project is closed.)

The file code is available as a preference field for orders and quotes. If the user needs to retrieve a file associated with the order or quote, simply show the “File Code” (and optionally the “Filed On”)