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Last modified on 8/13/2015 11:33 AM by User.

Customer Directed Change Orders

This document describes “customer directed” change orders. As of this writing, customer directed change orders will be the default for the distributor version of OASIS. Vendor directed change orders will continue to be the only option in the representative version of OASIS.

Contrasting Customer and Vendor Change Orders

The goal is the same – communicate changes to orders accurately and efficiently. However, there are many different ways for this to happen. For this we defined “Customer Directed” and “Vendor Directed” change orders:

Customer Directed Change Orders

This view of change orders is driven primarily by fixture type. The change is in terms of “adds”, “deducts” and “simple changes”.  The format is something like the following:


 +5       AA      MFG   FIXTURE       $1.00   $5.00 extended


 - 10     BB       MFG   FIXTURE       $2.50   ($25.00) extended

Fixture Change:

20        CC       MFG   NEW ITEM    $5.00

The idea is to present the change in terms the end user might use.

Vendor Directed Change Orders

The assumption of vendor directed change orders is that the vendor will likely have a data system that needs to be altered. The change is shown in such a way to present the manufacturer’s CSR with the line as it should read “now” in their data system and a representation of the line as it should read after the change is implemented. The format is something like the following (for the same change):

Line items added to the order

5          AA      MFG   FIXTURE       $1.00   $5.00 extended

Line items changed on the order

Current line

200      BB       MFG   FIXTURE       $2.50   ($25.00) extended

Change line to

190      BB       MFG   FIXTURE       $2.50   ($25.00) extended

Current Line

20        CC       MFG   OLD ITEM     $5.00

Change line to

20        CC       MFG   NEW ITEM    $5.00

Change Orders – from OASIS Orders

Change orders initiated from OASIS orders will always be supported. The basic need to be able to change a “stock order” is a basic need for all OASIS users. The only affect between the two different styles of changes orders (with relation to OASIS change orders) is how printed (faxed or emailed) output looks.

Project Change Orders

For some time, OASIS has supported change orders from the OASIS project system. All that needs to be done (for distributors) is to reconvert the quote after making any changes. An OASIS change order will be initiated. Here’s how it works:

The initial order

Create the project in OASIS. We begin with this example:

After converting, the customer copy of the order might be:

The Vendor POs might be:

Note the option for lamp manufacturers – that is type codes are combined for a single line for the manufacturer:

The Change Order

Initiating a change order from a project assumes that the customer would like to see the result of such a change before committing. This is implemented in OASIS using “winning” (ordered) and “option” groups. The winning options don’t print on customer quotes, but do convert to order. Therefore, if  the customer takes the change, we would mark the option as “winning” before converting.

Note the following changes to the project (the customer quantity changes – adds and deducts – are applied and we are keeping all profit).


The customer quote print might show as (not this is a $570.00 adder):

When the change order option is marked as “win” and the order is converted, the customer confirming copy of the order might look like the following:

The vendor POs might look like the following:

And the merged from for the lamp manufacturer will change in the future to “merge” the change lines. For now, here is the result.

For now, reprinting the order after the change will result in a form more liking to the lamp manufacturers: