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Last modified on 12/3/2014 9:26 AM by User.

Consolidation POs


Version 2.7 introduces the concept of a consolidation PO: a single vendor PO used for shipping material for multiple customers. This is useful when importing material, gaining discounts by buying carton quantities or simply to repackage material locally before sending to a customer (as opposed to shipping from the manufacturer direct to the customer).

How it Works

From the order screen, the allocation drop down entry “Consolidation PO” indicates to OASIS that a consolidation PO should be started or added to (it is currently possible to have standard and consolidation POs active for the same manufacturer).

When printing, the following decision tree is used to allocate material for a consolidation PO:

  • If an existing consolidation PO has been allocated to the current order for the line’s manufacturer code, it is used. The PO must not have been sent to the manufacturer.
  • If an existing consolidation PO is available for the line’s manufacturer code, the consolidation PO is allocated to the current customer order and material is added to the consolidation PO.
  • Otherwise, a new consolidation PO is created and made available to other customer orders.

Once a consolidation PO is “printed” and sent to the factory, it may not be added to again (changes are allowed from the corresponding customer order).

An Example

Starting a Consolidation order

Create a customer order containing material to be consolidated and material to be sent direct from the factory to the customer. The default is to ship direct from the factory to the customer. Change lines to be consolidated to have the hint “Consolidation PO”:

When printing, consolidation POs are not pre-selected. However, a new consolidation PO is auto-generated if a non-transmitted consolidation PO is not found:

In this case, the lamps are to be consolidated, and the order is not printed this time:

(During this time, the consolidation PO will appear as a non-transmitted PO!)

Adding to an existing Consolidation order

From a new PO, use the hint “Consolidation PO” to have the system append to the consolidation PO (the system does not currently warn that a consolidation PO is open for the manufacturer):

Again, when printing, the consolidation PO is not pre-selected, allowing the order to be added to later.

To send the consolidation PO to the factory, open any of the orders associated with the consolidation PO and print. The consolidation PO will have to be manually selected:

Note that the ship to location will always change to one of the following (first available):

  • Local warehouse ship-to.
  • Resell company location (as shown)
  • Workgroup location

(Type codes are retained to help later with repackaging.)


Right now, receiving an invoice on a consolidation PO must be performed according to the customer POs. For the example above, the AA fixture is invoiced independently with the B8 fixture. Although this does help ensure the customer invoices are correct, this could be done a little better for the future.