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Agency Hold for Releases


Have a factory that does not accept hold for release orders? Here is one way to use the same process for all factories - including factories that do not accept hold for release orders.


Open the manufacturer entry in the OASIS manufacturers application and select the "Terms" tab.

Select "Agency Holds Only (MFG does not accept Hold Orders)

Order Processing

Order processing is performed as one would for a factory that accepts hold orders with the following exceptions:

  • Users are notified not to send the printed hold order to the factory
  • When any release is made on the order, a Sales Order form is printed and not a partial release
  • Each new release has a new PO number by appending -REL## to the end of the PO number


Consider the following single line item order for 1000 items:

When printing the hold order, the following message is displayed indicating the printed hold order should not be sent to the fatory.

The hold order will appear as any other order and is typically printed for the project file:


To perform a release on the hold order, open the order and select the items tab. Then select "Release" under the "Action" menu. This will open the bill of material for editing.

REMEMBER: if you only change the release values, the order will be a release - otherwise OASIS will convert the order to a change order. For agency hold for releases, we recommend performing all changes BEFORE releasing material for the factory.

The printed order will be a sales order and not a release form. Note that OASIS will also append a release number to the order number to help seperate the orders for the factory:

Known Issues

This is a very nice feature and works well for many scenarios. However, this method may not work in some cases. The alternative is to keep the order on the quote and create individual orders for each customer release. Here are the known issues with the Agency Hold for Release feature:

  • Reprinting the order always produces the entire order: we recommend printing the PDF stored as an attachment in most cases.
  • Change orders for material already release must be managed such that the changes are only for the last release
  • Change orders for material not already released must be performed before releasing the material
  • Canceling items not already released must not be sent to the factory
  • Canceling items already released must be sent to the factory.