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Freight Allowances and Min Order Amounts


One area where OASIS can help the user is setting freight allowances that will show the user whether or not they have met freight allowances for each factory whether in the quote or order. By entering in the information in the manufacturer setup user can quickly see where they are towards reaching the freight allowance. A “fluid filled” bar will show the user the percentages indicating the status. An explanation of the different freight allowances can be found here.




The example below from a quote shows each factory and the percentage of freight allowance met.


How to set up Freight Allowances: 

-          In the Manufacturer setup (Manufacturer Editor)

-          Go to the “Terms” tab

-          Then to the “Freight / Shipping” tab (on the right)

-          In the Freight Allowance area, switch the allowance type to “Net Amount”

-          In the Allowance Amount area, enter the amount of freight allowance.


-          Save & Close


In a Quote 

-          The Freight Allowances can be viewed by going to the Manufacturers tab


    - Freight Allowance can be shown on the quote by choosing to show "Manufacturer Terms."  OASIS calculates freight allowance using the data entered on the Terms tab.  If a user chooses to show the "manufacturer terms" on the quote, the standard data will ONLY show whether the quote made freight for that manufacturer NOT the dollar value or weight required to make freight.  If a user wants to show that data it must be keyed in on the "Terms Text" tab. 

See Adding Manufacturer Specific Terms article for more information. 

In an Order 

-          The Freight Allowance displays in the header area as shown below.


Minimum Order Amounts 


How to setup Minimum order amounts (Parts and dollars $$) 

-          In the Manufacturer setup (Manufacturer Editor)

-          Go to the “Terms” tab

-          Then to the “Freight / Shipping” tab (on the right)

-          In the Order Entry area,

-          If there is a minimum number of parts, enter the dollar amounts $$ in the “Min Parts Amount:” box. If not, leave at 0.

-          For minimum dollar amounts, enter the dollar amounts $$ in the “Min Amount:” box.


When an order is placed, if the order amount does not meet or exceed the Min Order amount, a window will appear (as shown below)

Click “Yes” to continue with the order.