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Electronic Download / Manual Apply


This document shows features in OASIS to help manage data differences when downloading data from a factory.

Order Matching Process

Downloading data form a factory never results in a 100% match in OASIS. Download issues are caused by differences in data systems, technology limitations and simply due to different people managing the data in different data systems. The result is minor differences in the data tha may look "applyable" by a human, but not applyable by a computer system.  For details on how this matching process works see:  Order Matching Process Details

Suggested Process

Each factory has a slightly different download process. When complete, the data will have either automatically applied to the matching orders in OASIS, or the data has been added to the OASIS Download Folder. To process data from the download folder, follow these steps:

  1. Open the download folder described below
  2. Use the "Clean Up" feature to copy the transactions to matching OASIS orders
  3. Any remaining orders will likely require a little research. Try these steps:
    1. Use the "Select OASIS PO and Move" feature. This allows a human to compare orders, moving them to the matching PO in OASIS.
    2. If the order appears to be an EDI or spec order an does not already exist in OASIS then use the "Create Matching OASIS Transaction"
  4. Use the orders with new status feature to display orders requiring manual order status application
  5. For each order with new status, use the "Edit Shipping" feature to drag and drop order status.

Feature: Download Folder

When performing a download, you might see the following message:

This indicates that the downloaded transaction matched an order in OASIS, but the bill of material did not exactly match the order in OASIS. When OASIS detects this condition, the downloaded information is normally copied to the internal OASIS Download Folder. To access the download folder, select the orders application then select "Show Order Download Folder" under the "Tools" menu:

The download folder (below) is simply a listing of each transaction downloaded from the manufacturer:

Double clicking on the transaction only shows a read only copy of data:

Under the tools menu, there are the following features:

  • Create Matching OASIS Transaction - double check for matching transaction first (e.g. transpositions in PO numbers).
  • Select OASIS PO and Move - works when the data from the factory is radically different from what is in OASIS
  • Move to Related OASIS Transaction - OASIS will attempt to uniquely identify the PO in the OASIS database. The downloaded data is moved to the attachments tab of the PO in OASIS.
  • Open OASIS Transaction - OASIS will attempt to uniquely identify the PO in the OASIS database and open the matching PO for editing.
  • Compare to OASIS Transaction - (still in development)
  • Show Raw Data - show the raw data downloaded from the factory
  • Clean Up - use the "Move to Related OASIS Transaction" for all POs in the download folder.

Feature: Orders with new status

When OASIS downloads data from a factory and is not able to auto apply the data to the matching order in OASIS, the raw data is copied to the OASIS download folder. It is common to then allow OASIS to move the raw data to the related orders in OASIS. These orders are said to have "new status" - that is new status that has not been applied to the order in OASIS.

To view the list of orders in OASIS with new status (not applied to the OASIS order), select the orders application then select "Orders with new status" in the Tools menu:

The list of orders may be used with the "Edit Shipping" feature to drag and drop order status on the order. Once the order status has been applied, the order status will be updated and the order will no longer appear on the orders with new status list.

NOTE: this search may take a long time to run for some database.


Feature: Edit Shipping (a.k.a. View Order Status Downloads)

After using the "Orders with new status" search feature, the "Edit shipping" feature may be used to manually apply order status to an order in OASIS using the data from the factory - but without re-keying the data.

After showing the orders with new status, select "Edit Shipping" in the "Edit" menu or press the F7 function key:

(The same feature may be activated by opening the order and selecting "View order status downloads" in the order Tools menu.)

Notice the screen is split into three areas:

  • The order appears at the top
  • A list of all the previous download shows at the bottom left. (The latest download is show. To show a given download, double click on it.)
  • A read only copy of the downloaded data is show at the bottom right.

To copy the data from the downloaded data at the bottom right

  • begin by scrolling to see matching entries in both the OASIS order and the download data
  • Click one time on the blue link beside the downloaded data window
  • Then click and drag the data to the quantity field of the matching entry in OASIS.

Notice how the shipping information below is copied using drag and drop: