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Last modified on 11/18/2009 4:13 PM by User.

Toggle View


Early versions of OASIS used a "table" or "spread sheet" view for orders and invoices. As users asked for more complicated shipping and invoice features, the "table" technologies quickly broke down, resulting in complicated code and strange side-effects.

With 2.7, a new "transaction view" was created, allowing the user to view and update splits, shipping information and invoices in a more user-friendly manner.

However, the new "transaction view" also has limitations: the screen can get complicated quick! Additionally, there is a need to be able to copy/paste small sections of a bill of material on an order - or even an invoices.

The toggle view gives you the best of both worlds - use it as needed!

How to use

  • In the Edit menu for "Toggle View". Each selection of the menu item will toggle between transaction view and table view. Additionally, there is a button on the tool bar that switches between two icons:
    •   Show table view
    •   Show transaction view
  • In the task bar (the "blue bar") has an entry "Toggle View" to switch between the views.


Consider the following order in "transaction view":

Using toggle view to switch to the table view, the order looks like:

Notice the following in the table or spread sheet view:

  • The splits won't show - only the "parent lines" show.
  • Shipping information won't show
  • Invoice information won't show
  • RMA information won't show

Basically all the advanced features that were causing issues with the table view in older versions of OASIS have been removed from the table view. The transaction view must be used to do the following:

  • Split lines and view splits
  • View and edit shipping information
  • View invoice information from the order (the invoice table view only shows invoice lines).
  • View and update RMA information