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Using Option OR Alternates on a Quote


“Options” in OASIS allow users to add items to a quote, such as alternates, then choose to expose those on the quote or not.  Although Subtotals can also be used for option/alternate groups, Options are a better choice. If you quote the job with the option/alternate, then customer decides to not take the option/alternate at this time, you can simply hide it on the printed quote then later add it back without having to do the work again. Subtotals are generally used in combination with Subtotals as shown in the example below 

“Options” have the following features:

  • on the office copy, totals per option are show for each customer and manufacturer
  • on the breakout, material is grouped as you would expect
  • only "winning" options are converted to orders
  • all options/alternates stay on the original Bill of Materials and are not lost.

How to use Options 

On a quote,

  • Enter the Bill of Materials as needed. For Options/Alternates,
  • On a blank line, type Option in the Code column. 

 Use the Part column as a Description for the Option/Alternate group (shown below)

Enter the line items below the Option line that are your Alternates or options (as shown above)

Then Print.

NOTE - When printing, uncheck the “Show Grand Totals” box on the last print dialog box. This will cause it not to give a Grand Total for all items on the BOM. Use the Subtotal (Code column) to subtotal the base package of materials.


Example below.



Users may also have more than one option/alternate and use “negative quantities” (BQty) or dollar amounts ($$) on any items. See example.



Example of the printed output below:


When an Option/Alternate is chosen, you may not want to delete the other item(s) that were not chosen because the customer may come back and add the item later.  

When an Option/Alternate is NOT chosen, just change the “Option” to a “Pending Option”. This will allow the items will stay on the Quote yet will not be converted to an Order. See below.


 When printed, only the “Option” group will show on the quote

 When an option/alternate becomes a buy, the replace the “Option” with “Win Option”. 

Only the items under a “Win Option” can be shown on the manufacturer break out print or converted to orders.