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Setup and Use of Resell»Resell PO (Services rendered)
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Resell PO (Services rendered)


One of the options in OASIS resell is to invoice the customer for “services rendered” in the course of business. Since no product is being purchased for resell, the user only needs to create a invoice to a customer yet be able to track the order for reporting. OASIS has made this process easy, just follow the steps below. 


Converting from a Quote where there are other resell items on the Quote, Click here


Starting from an Order


Go to the Orders application.

  • Then go to File, then “New Resell PO” or hit the green Resell PO button on the toolbar. 

Notice the ivory/tan background color indicating resell.

The Resell PO window appears. 


General tab

  • Enter the Customer (customer must already be setup for resell)
  • PO Number -  usually the Customer’s PO number
  • Project name (optional)
  • Order Type – select from the list or other Order Types maybe created through Configuration


Enter any other related information. 


Go to the Items tab 

  • Enter all line items. Example below.
  • Since you are just billing for services,
  • Net Price and Cost will be zero, Profit and Sell will be the amount of the invoice (in the example $1,000)


Addresses tab 

  • Make sure the addresses are correct and make any necessary changes to the shipping address. 

Notes tab 

  • Add any needed notes. 


Since no parts are being ordered, we do not need to create a vendor order.  PLEASE NOTE: This is only true if you set this manufacturer up to invoice only. If not,  a vendor order must be created. 

  • Go to Action, then click “Complete Changes”. 


-  The Question window will appear, click Yes. 


This will set the order to released  so that you can invoice the customer. 


Creating the Invoice 

To create the outbound Invoice to the Customer 

 Go to File, then “New Invoice Like”


You may get a window asking to save any changes made, if so, select Yes.




The question window will ask if this is to be an Invoice or Credit, select Invoice.



The Customer Invoice screen will appear 

  • Invoice box will say “(PENDING)”  - you have the option to enter your own number OR OASIS will create a invoice number.
  • On the yellow / tan line (invoice line), enter the number of items being invoice at this time (if selecting all, click the “#>” to the left of the yellow box). Apply this process to each line being invoiced.
  • NOTICE the “This Invoice” area in the Totals header at the top, this indicates the total amount being invoiced at this time

Any taxes for this customer will be shown on the last lines, adjust as needed OR you can delete the lines. 


-          Go to the Addresses tab and check the address, make adjustments as needed.



-  Go to Notes tab and add any Terms or Notes (below the BOM) that you want to appear on the invoice.




To print the invoice, click Print.

  • In the example below notice taxes have been added. If the customer is exempt, the tax lines will not show.