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Last modified on 2/8/2016 10:57 AM by User.

Setting up a Manufacturer for Resell

In OASIS, all manufacturers must be set up for resell in order to use the resell tools. This document will walk you through how to set up a manufacturer for resell.


Setting up Manufacturers for Resell 

  • Go to the Manufacturers section.  
  • In the listing, double-click on a manufacturer who allows resell of their products. 
  • In the Manufacturer Editor window, on the Terms tab, click the “Resell Ok” box. 
  • Optional Items
       1.  Resell Only – check this box if you only buy items from this manufacturer (no commissioned orders).
       2.  Resell Account Number – enter an account number for your company with this manufacturer.



Once you click Save and Close, the manufacturer will be set up to do resell. Repeat this step for other manufacturers as needed. 

NOTE:  For any manufacturers that have been created to handle services provided by the agent, users may check the "Entry for invoicing only (no Vendor orders)" which will allow users to quote and see these services on the order but will not be required to create a vendor order or invoice. Customers may be invoiced for the services at the same time as they are invoiced for other product. See this document for more information.