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Customer Roles



The ability to track information other than just a bill of materials and a distributor is a very powerful part of OASIS. Other programs track the customer you are quoting but OASIS allows you to track the contractor, counts, and all specifiers related to the job. Specifiers can be architects, engineers, contractors, distributors, and more. OASIS assumes these basic entries, however you can configure your own based on your needs. Attaching specifiers allows for some very powerful reporting tools. This document will walk you through the process.


Configuring Customer Types/Roles (need Admin rights to Customers)

  • In Customers, go to File, then Configuration.
  • Then click the "Roles" tab.
  • Add any needed business entities on the blank lines (example above)

*NOTE – It is recommended that existing entries not be changed if they are in use.  Changing the names in this window will change it for ALL selected in OASIS.  Also, DO NOT change the direct or indirect customer check boxes.  Your OASIS version is set up so that when you create quotes and orders that the correct listing of customers by role is selected. 

Field Description

Always Show

When checked, this entry will always show in the General tab of a quote and order.


This entry is required to create a quote or order.


This entry is a direct quoted customer.


This entry is the customer quoted by your direct customer.

*NOTE – Required role is ignored for Daily Quotes.

To assign Customer Types/Roles to Customer 

  • Open a Customer
  • In the General tab, hit the drop down menu for “Customer Type”
  • Select the role and hit Save & Close


Now that the customer role has been selected the customer will be available in any role selection lists or available for report filtering as well.


When in a project or order, specifiers may be added as needed. We encourage adding these as it will allow you to create some very beneficial reports.