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Customer Editor


Setting up your customers in OASIS is a very integral piece of the system. The only 2 items that have to be setup are the customer name and customer ID. However, OASIS can track and use much more information about the customer if you want to input it. Below is an explanation of the various tabs of information collected by OASIS and how it is used.


Creating a new Customer

 - In the Customer section, click the New button on the toolbar OR go to File, then New.



General tab

  • The Customer Name and Customer ID are required to use this customer, but there are several more items that OASIS can use track information about this customer. An explanation is below.





Customer Name The complete name of the company

Customer ID 

An abbreviation of the customer name, usually, no more than 5-8 characters clearly identifying the company. Slashes ,dashes, etc may be used.

Example – CED/AL or AAA-CHR

Parent Company 

If the customer has a parent company that you want to track. This may also be used by other features in OASIS such as invoice/payment/commission downloads. This feature is optional. See paragraph on creating a Parent Company

Alias - can be used to give a customer other names they may be known by. this allows for broader searches.


By default set to active. Here is an explanation:

  • Active – actively doing business with this company
  • Inactive – when you are no longer doing business with this customer. (DO NOT DELETE INACTIVE CUSTOMERS – MAKE THEM INACTIVE!)
  • Parent – use when customer is a parent only – no transactions may be created for this customer – parent only
  • Parent (shown) – same as above except parent company will be shown in the general list of customers, otherwise parent company will be hidden.

Out of Territory 

Check if this is an out of territory customer you wish to track (optional - not required)

Alias Add other names to find this customer easily. Perfect for when a company changes names.  Make the old name the alias!
E-Mail O2O This customer uses OASIS and setting this filter causes OASIS to create a native OASIS file containing the data you normally provide that they can bring into their system without rekeying
Auto Match on PO only  

Customer Type 

Select the type of customer 


OASIS allows you to rank customers based on the influence they have on various jobs. OASIS can use this information adjust commission levels paid to outside sales persons assigned to these specifiers (optional - not required)

Assigned To: 

What person in the office is assigned to this customer (optional)

Search Keys 

See the Help Sheet on Search Keys


 Contacts Information tab

  • This area is used to store all needed contact information for this customer. Double-click inside the Kind column to get the types of information (these can be changed or added to)
  • NOTE - Bill To address may be a central billing address.


Field Description


Enter the appropriate addresses as needed – once the Sold To information is entered you may copy the information to the Ship To and Bill To by clicking in the cell of 1st address line of each 

Some customers may have a central billing location – enter this in the Billing Address area 

Phone, email and other numbers 

Enter as many points of communication as possible. These will be used by OASIS on documents, to email and fax from OASIS or go directly to a website. These “Kinds” are also configurable for your on needs. See the “Configuration” help sheet for more information 


Contacts tab

  • Contacts can be entered here as well as the Contacts section.
  • Click the 3rd button on the toolbar to add a new line and begin entering information.
  • Check CSR if this project manager for this customer. OASIS will automatically select this person to receive emails from inside of orders. 
  • NOTE - Entering an email address for each contact will allow users to send email direct from OASIS to these contacts.


Field Description


It is important to enter as much information as possible. OASIS allows you to email or fax documents directly to these contacts as long as they have a valid email address or fax number in OASIS 

User & Web PassWeb 

If you have the OASIS Web Interface, you can give contacts access to Orders (only their orders) in OASIS. You control the User Name, Password and the Expiration of the password here. 


Terms tab- Order terms

  • This area allows Resell setup (required if reselling to this customer) with or without charging taxes



Field Description
Credit Hold

None-- Customer is not on credit hold

Hold-Warning--  User is notified that customer is on credit hold but can continue to create orders.

Hold-Stop-- User is prevented from creating orders for a customer on this type of credit hold.

Federal Tax ID 

If using Resell you may want to enter this customers Tax ID number 

Resell OK 

Allows users to resell to this customer

Tax Status 

Allows you make the resell customer taxable, exempt or unknown 

Account, Exempt Lic, % of Sale, Tax Freight

Various tax accounts that may apply (could be more than one). These tax accounts must be set up in Comm Accounts under Configuration (see Resell Setup).

If this customer is Exempt type "Exempt" in the Exempt Lic cell.

If Freight is to be taxed, a "Y" for taxed, "N" for Not taxed.


Terms Tab-New Order Message

To remind CSR's of important information at the time of order, use the "New Order Message feature."    It is a great way to remind users of specific information such as shipping preferences and other information important to the order. Go to the Terms tab and select the "New Order Message" tab.  Type in message. 

Terms Text Tab

Set up specific text that will appear on transactions related to the customer

  • Terms that appear on ALL orders to manufacturers (commissioned and resell)
  • Terms that appear on the customer's resell invoice

Open Terms Text tab and select either "MFG Copy" for order notes or "Invoice Terms" for notes on invoices and type in content. 



Account tab

  • Some manufacturers require a customer account number on orders when submitted to the the factory
  • Add Account numbers by clicking the New button, selecting the Manufacturer(s), enter the account number and tab off to accept.


Field Description

Manufacturer Name (from the list) 

From your selection in the preious step


Enter the Account number for this customer



Set the default price level for this customer if you have an Active price list in the system (Optional)


(Optional), if entered the Mfg quote will automatically drop in an order if entered here


Freight calculated by Amount, Weight or both


Does this distributor stock this mfg products


Cust. WebView tab (Skip if not using the OASIS Web piece. Used to give contractors and other end customers access to orders they are listed as being involved in with this customer )

  • If using the OASIS Web peice you can give end Customers such as contractors to have access to see orders they have with this customer (distributor)
  • Click the New button, in the list select the Customer(s) you wish to give access (hold Control down to select multiple), then click OK.
  • Then check the Customers to give access



Field Description


Once you have the OASIS Web piece, this will allow customers to login to the web view. The check mark allows distributors to allow or dis-allow view their orders on the web

Web View 

Checking gives access, Un-check – no access.


 Repped tab

  • If you have more than one workgroup, you can limit which workgroups are able to create orders for this customer.  Click the check box to give access leave unchecked to deny access. 




Goals tab


Track sales and/or earnings goals for the customer. 

  • Give the goal a unique name
  • Add start and end dates
  • Tie this goal to a particular sales person or manufacturer
  • Select whether to "Track" making easier to report across multiple goals
  • Change the source of what transactions are tracked
  • Add Earnings and sales amounts
  • Add description, if desired. 


Notes tab

  • Enter any notes particular to this customer. as stated these notes are Internal and can only be viewed by persons in your office. They will not appear on quotes or orders. 


Attachments tab

  • This area works the same as Attachments in other sections. Files of any kind maybe dragged and dropped here.


Save and Close