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Sending Mass Email from OASIS
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Sending Mass Email from OASIS


Often times an agency may want to send a mass email to a customer (contacts) list or create a list of people to send to. OASIS provides a way using the Contacts application. These mass emails can be personalized and you can attach other documents, files, etc as well. 

Here’s how:

  • Go to the Contacts section.
  • Search, sort, or group the contacts needed.
  • Optional - Click the “Find” button to the right (or the File > Find) on the blue search bar and select a group such as Architects or Engineers.
  • Once you have the list needed, you may use the Control key to select the contacts needed. Just make sure they are all highlighted. If the contacts are not shown as a list, you may click the  button at the upper left to change to spreadsheet view.

NOTE – each contact must have a valid email address in OASIS (this is not a part of your Outlook contacts)


  • Then click the Email button on the toolbar (in red above)
  • In the Send Multiple Emails window, type your message for each of the contacts


Last minute Attachments 

If any attachments are needed, click the blue "Add Attachment" text. This will open the search and allow you to find any needed file.

Then click “Send All”. 

NOTE - this will send an email to each person as a Bcc (Blind copy)


It should send the mass email to all selected contacts with valid email addresses in OASIS.

Notice the addressee will be the persons’ fist name. Email will be personalized for each email sent. Example below.



From: Tony Moss []
Sent: Wednesday, April 25, 2007 4:17 PM
Subject: To All


One of our manufacturers has a new LED lighting system out.

I thought would let you know before any new projects you may have soon call for LED. 

I will send you more information as I have it


Thanks for your business

Tony Moss

ABC Lighting Reps