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In OASIS, contacts are people. These are people that you do business with daily. We encourage users to enter all contacts they have in OASIS as it allows you to add helpful information to jobs and reporting. Contacts can be associated with a:

  • Manufacturer
  • Distributor
  • Contractor
  • Architectural firm
  • Engineering firm
  • Owners
  • Etc.

OASIS can attach and track contacts throughout the entire system allowing you to email or fax directly. You can quote a contact direct; basically associate a contact to any transaction. A contact must be in the system in order to be used fully by OASIS.

When a contact moves from one customer to another customer, OASIS allows you to just change the association and still keep the history you have collected over time.


Creating a Contact

There are essentially three areas to create a contact and any will work. It is the same data in each area.

Note – for Manufacturer and Customer contacts we have found it is much easier to enter these when in the specific Manufacturer or Customer they are associated with.


Contact management