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The inbox is used to receive data from external systems including:

  • Faxes received electronically
  • Emails sent to a "global" email address
  • EDI data feeds
  • Web site integration


Using the InBox

Many groups use the OASIS inbox feature to load faxes, emails or other files to the company but may or may not be directed to a particular person. For example, faxes may come into an agency and are stored in a file on a server. OASIS can be setup to grab those faxes and pull them into the OASIS Inbox. You can then designate a person in the office to receive those. From the Inbox those messages (faxes) can be attached to an project, order, etc. This document will describe how this may work.

In this example, the message is attached to a Project.

Open the Inbox and click on either My Assignments Only or on Unassigned along with a timeframe (today, 2 days, etc.) to view the messages.

Double click the message line to open the message window.


Enter a Customer and Manufacturer and click the LOCATE button – OR enter the Job Name, Invoice Number OR PO Number. 


Click the LOCATE button. A pop-up box will display with all the matching transactions.  To link, just click on the desired transaction. 

You can then choose to close the message or click NEXT to move to the next message.

You can see in the Inbox that your message has been linked to a Job/Project.


If you open the Project and go to the attachments tab you will see the Message (white icon).