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Hold Order Reporting

(For a single or multiple manufacturers)


Users may sometimes need to see Hold Orders and view them by a single manufacturer, multiple brands or all the brands of a parent company. This report will give you an idea of total orders and dollars on hold for a given timeframe.


How to create: 

 - Go to Orders

 - Then Reports (toolbar) and select “Order Transaction Report” 

 - In the Purchase Order Listing Report window, push the radio button for “Hold Orders – Orders not released”.

 - Make sure “Show Details” and “Show Totals Page” is checked.

 - Enter the timeframe as needed.

 - Next, go to the Select tab

 - Then click the second More tab on the right of the screen.

 - In the Manufacturers area, click the “Add” button

 - The Select Manufacturer window will appear.

 - Select a single brand or to select multiple brands, hold the Control key (Ctrl) down and select others.

 - Once you selections are made, click OK.


 - All the manufacturers you selected should be listed.


  - Click Print

  - Example of the report is shown below.