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Last modified on 7/18/2013 3:11 PM by User.


Orders for Miscellaneous Customers (resell)


I have a lot of small customers I don't want to track, but I would like to record the transactions in OASIS.


Create a Miscellaneous customer in OASIS. The name of the customer is not important, but two items must be set on the customer record:

  1. The tax authority must be identified
  2. Set the "Out of Territory" check

Together, theses settings open the bill-to and sold-to address fields on the order and invoice.


Configure the Customer

Create any customer entry: consider how you might want to report on these sales later (e.g. "Over the counter" might be a good customer name).

On the General tab, select "Out of Territory":

On the "Terms" tab, setup the default Tax Accounts:

The Order Screen

From the order screen, select the Miscellaneous customer:

Note that all address fields are editable: