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Recording shipping information on orders



Tracking shipping information on orders is important but sometimes very time consuming. Most groups just simply don't have the time or personnel needed to track this information. OASIS will make easier through an automated process or even manually.

We can download shipping/order status information from a manufacturer directly into OASIS if we can send the order to the Mfg's system and the Mfg can return the information directly, we can auto-apply the information to the order in OASIS. If your manufacturer doesn't have this ability, have them contact us. We would like to work with them to make this happen.

If not, the steps below for manually enter shipping information are as user-friendly as we can make it.

Basically, these processes help users to understand and record shipping information allowing groups to provide more services to their end customers.

Video Version!

Basic Shipping

Adding shipping information to a line on an order is as easy as clicking on the "Add Shipping" label below a line on the order. Consider this order:

Click on the "Add shipping" text just below the item will add a brown line:

Just key the factory SO# (sales order number) to show that the factory has acknowledged the order:

Key in the date to change the shipment to a schedule date. Some OASIS users also add the projected shipping location as well:

Key the carrier and tracking information to show the item as "shipped":

Multiple Shipments - for one item

To add multiple shipments for one item on the order, simply click on the "Add Shipping" label for each schedule or shipment you have. Using the order above, we adjusted the number of items that shipped and added a new schedule line to represent the balance of the order:

(Note: the new schedule line is way after the initial shipping line. OASIS indicates that this may be a shipping problem. To learn more, see the Shipping Views and look for "Missed Ship Dates".)

"Quick Links"

With OASIS 2.7, the order screen has a blue task bar. The primary use of the task bar is for manipulating shipping information on the order:

Hiding Lines:

  • Toggle Description - the description lines on the order are shown or hidden
  • Toggle Notes - the line notes on the order are shown or hidden
  • Toggle INotes - the internal line notes on the order are shown or hidden
  • Toggle All - all items are shown or hidden (e.g. notes, description, etc.)
  • Toggle Canceled - By default, canceled lines on the order are not shown. This link will show them.


  • Website - jump to the manufacturer's website (if the "WWW" "Phone" has been added to the Manufacturer entry in OASIS).
  • Notes - Show the internal manufacturer notes stored in the corresponding OASIS manufacturer entry.
  • RMA Responses - If recorded, show all the RMA responses for the order.

Shipment Tracking

  • Estimated - Set and update the estimated date for each line on the order. This is not as schedule date but an estimated date provided based on lead times stored in OASIS (optional).
  • Acknowledge - Acknowledge the selected lines on the order, or update the information on the selected shipment lines.
  • Schedule - Schedule the selected lines on the order, or update the information on the selected shipment lines.
  • Ship - Show shipments for the selected lines on the order or update the information on the selected shipment lines.
  • Quick Copy - Click for a list of order numbers and tacking numbers for the order. Click on one of the numbers to copy to the clip board. Use the information to paste into a browser form to obtain more information from the factory.
  • Tracking Website - Click for a list of tracking numbers for the order. Click on one of the numbers to show the tracking information in the carrier's website (requires configuration of the shipper information - see Shipping Status).
  • Accept Targets - Move the target date to the current ship or schedule date. This will remove the yellow "Late Schedule" indicators on the order. (See Shipping Views)


Selecting lines on the order is as easy as clicking on the check box in the Sel column (note the shipping lines have a Sel box as well, but is often shifted to the right on the screen):

  • Select Order Lines - check (in the Sel column) all the order lines
  • Select Shipment Lines - check (in the Sel column) all the shipment lines
  • Select Invoice Lines - not used for shipping
  • Clear Selection - un-select all lines.

Factory Items

The old term was “splitting a line” in 2.6. We still use the phrase from time to time, but on screen you will see a new feature labeled “Add Factory Item”. This feature allows you to take an ordered item and add the actual items that have shipped. Consider this order:

If you click on the "Add Factory Item" link just below the item to be "split", two new "child lines" will be created:

Key in the items that actually ship. Additional factory lines may be added by clicking on the "Add Factory Item" link multiple times (also note that the quantities shipped may be altered as well):

Shipping information may be added to the factory items using any of the techniques described in this document. For this example, we just clicked on the "Add Shipping" link and then we manually keyed the shipping informaiton as shown:

Showing and Hiding Shipping Information

Some users prefer showing shipping information all the time. Others want to wait until the screen shows before clicking on the "Show Shipping" button. This is a user preference. Select "File" then "Preferences", and then select the "Other" tab:

Select or un-select "Show Shipping information" as required and press "Ok".

To show or hide (toggle) the shipping information while on the order screen quickly, press the brown "show or hide shipping information" button at the top of the order screen:

Please note: the shipping information is not deleted - just hidden! Ok, unless you use the "Remove Selected" feature.