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Processing orders and quotes for another office


Some users are required to manage orders and quotes for another office. This document refers to other articles for setup information and then provides end user details.


Although other configuration options may be available, the following is recommended:

  1. Create users and sales accounts for all outside salesmen, whether they log in or not (a license is not consumed unless they log into OASIS).
  2. Create a workgroup for each office or business unit. Add any required logos or addresses.
  3. Create a "quoter user" for users that must quote in a workgroup other than the one they are assigned to (DO NOT USE FOR LOGIN!)
  4. For users working in multiple workgroups, perform the setup described in the article: User Workgroup Access


There are two different issues when printing quotes:

  1. What shows on the quote for the customer
  2. Which workgroup the quote will report under

When a quote is printed, the logos and address information is always pulled from the "Quoter's" assigned workgroup. The quoter is assigned on the General tab of the project or quote.

If a user is to create quotes for multiple offices AND the workgroup information is to print differently for each office, then the user must have a user defined in each of the workgroups. NEVER USE THE OTHER LOGINS! Each different login used will consume one OASIS license. Just use the other login to switch the logos and contact information.

Some users simply create a user with the name of the workgroup, allowing anyone to use the login as the "Quoter" on a project or quote thereby showing a different logo or address information.

For reporting reasons, the quote may be assigned to a different workgroup using the "Change Workgroup" feature under the "Tools" tab on the project. Simply select the menu item "Change Workgroup" and double click on the workgroup the quote is to appear under.


The logos and contact information that shows on orders is determined by the order's assigned workgroup. To adjust, simply select "Change Workgroup" under the "Tools" menu of the order. Double click on the workgroup to reassign as required.

Invoices and Payments

This is the easy part - the order defines which office was responsible for the transaction. The same "Change Workgroup" and "Sales Accounts" features are on the invoice. However the controls are exactly the same data elements that are found on the order (changing a workgroup or a sales account on the invoice changes the corresponding information on the order).


The discussion above directly affects reporting. The sales account concept is typically used on payday for the outside sales staff (a few OASIS users utilize the concept for reporting by office). Most OASIS users with multiple offices assign one workgroup per office (or "business unit") per OASIS workgroup. This allows searches and reports to group data by workgroup (office).