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Converting a Quote to an Order
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Converting a Quote to an Order

Concepts and Features

The order conversion/staging screen allows users to type in information in a single area and have it added to all of the orders created from that screen. Once a winning customer has been selected on a quote, OASIS allows you to easily convert the quote to an order or orders. All of the information from the quote will flow through to the order. Items such specifiers, manufacturer quote numbers, and the BOM will all transition to the order. This assumes you are done with the quote and ready to create orders. 

You must select a winning customer to convert to an order.

For most users, the conversion screen is little more than a selector for which manufacturer order is to be created next. However, the conversion screen has the following features:

Quick Start

To convert a quote to an order for the first time, follow these steps:

  • Clean up the quote
  • Assign a winning customer
  • Start the conversion screen
  • Select a manufacturer (rep only)
  • Press the "Create PO" button and adjust the order as needed

Clean up the quote

Many users will use the "New Bid Like" feature in OASIS to allow the user to keep the quote as is was manipulated by the quoter or outside sales person. The goal for quoting is to get the business. The goal for order entry is to maximize profit by finalizing the cost (commission) and to clean up any unknowns like voltages, colors or other fixture details. The project below shows an "Initial Bid" and the "Buy" bid after being updated:

Assign a winning customer

To assign a customer, select the "Customers" tab and press the add button. Select the related customer from the popup screen. However, the important detail is to highlight the customer buying the product (who won the contract) and mark them "Win". If the winning customer is a distributor who you have contractor information for be sure to select the name of the contractor instead to obtain correct contractor counts and track contractor success. 

Start the conversion screen

The conversion process is as easy as pressing the green button marked "PO" or clicking the File menu and selecting Create POs. However, a number of business rules are checked to be sure the OASIS knows how each item will be ordered and ultimately billed. If there are option codes, the user must change any options that are being ordered to winning options. All options not being ordered should be changed to "pending."   If there is a line of "Profit" that is not marked for resell (or assigned as overage for a manufacturer - for reps), then the system will stop. Additionally, each line on the quote must have a manufacturer and part number.

Note - option and other special line types do not need a manufacturer and part number.

Manufacturers Tab

Agencies often have to split a project into multiple commissioned orders, sometimes with different order numbers. There will be an entry for each manufacturer on the quote. (If there are quote lines marked as resell, one entry for all resell items items will appear at the bottom of the Manufacturer’s tab.) All resell items will appear on the same order and vendor orders will be created from that one order. (The distributor version of OASIS creates a single resell PO.)

  • Add the contact for the customer at the top of the screen. 
  • View the total price and earnings for each manufacturer.
  • Check the Freight terms. (Optionally, may be manually selected from this screen.)
  • Enter the PO# now (optional).
  • Enter the Manufacturer’s Quote number. (optional)
  • View the total order amounts and associated earnings. (For items previously ordered off from this quote for this manufacturer.)
  • Select the manufacturer you wish to work with to proceed. 

Bill of Material

View and manage items being ordered from that manufacturer.  Users may sort the bill of material by line number, fixture type/manufacturer, or manufacturer/fixture type (for combined Parent/Child orders). Items may be removed from the order at this stage by un-checking Action check box on the line so that it does not flow through to the order.

Review the bill of material to confirm it is correct and check for missing information. Fields with missing information will turn yellow. Any errors detected by OASIS for lines being added to the order should appear in red on the screen. If reconverting the quote for additional items, users may need to uncheck the "Hide 'no change' lines" box to see any error messages for items OASIS cannot convert. 

Order Entry/Addresses Tab

Information added from this screen will appear on all orders. Individual orders can be changed, if desired. Enter the following information to appear on all orders created from this screen:

  • Ship To Address
  • Alternate Ship To Address (must include information in the "When to use" field. 
  • Marks
  • Call Before
  • CSR - OASIS will automatically assign the person creating the order.  
  • Stamp
  • Freight Type
  • Freight Account
  • Lot net billing request
  • Don't Ship Before date
  • Required on Site date
  • Workgroup can be changed, if needed. 
  • The End User PO number (contractor's PO)


Order Notes

Add any notes to the manufacturer on the order which will automatically copy to all orders created from this quote. Users can manually add notes on individual orders if desired. External shipping notes can be entered on individual orders if needed.

Press the "Create" button and adjust the order as needed

Most of the time, the next button to push is the "Create" button. (See the "Concepts and Features" section above for other ideas.) This will launch the order entry process beginning (typically) with a question to change the quote status to "Ordered":

The first order will ask the user whether to create a release or hold order. Make your selection and continue to the order screen. 

NOTE- If partially ordering items for one manufacturer, OASIS will remember the previous quantity ordered and not allow more to be ordered without a warning to create a change order or quote.

From here follow the “Introduction to Orders” help document.

To convert other orders, return to the conversion/staging screen and select the next order to create. 


Sometimes you may get error messages when converting to orders. Here are a few and how to resolve. 


Explanation and Solution

Money Unassigned!

A line item or lot line on the bill of materials does not have a manufacturer assigned in the MFG column.

This will also occur when you have an Overage line assigned to a manufacturer, but there are no other lines on the quote for this manufacturer. Return to the quote and assign another manufacturer. Or if you need to use this manufacturer, instead of using the Lot code use a quantity of “1” in the Qty column maybe the word Lot in the Part column.

Lot Price not resolved

You have used the Lot Price module in the Customer tab. You must remove this amount and replace it with “0” and return to the Items tab adjust your unit prices to reflect the lot amount.

Or you have a Lot line on the BOM that does not have a manufacturer in the MFG column

Markup not resolved

You have used the Markup module in the Customer tab. You must remove this amount and replace it with “0” before you can proceed. You will want to return to the Items tab and adjust your unit prices to reflect the Markup amount.

Winning customer not selected

You have not selected a winning customer. Return to the Customers tab and select the customer, then in the Win/Loss drop down, select the winning customer.