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Checking in/out samples
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Checking in/out samples


Checking Out and Checking In Samples

To checkout a sample, simply double click on the row in the listing:




Fill out the items as required:



Condition – condition of the item being checked out.

Returning – date the item is to be returned.

Customers – add customers the item is to be shown to (may be filled out later).


Press “Check out!” to checkout the item – cancel to terminate the checkout.


To check in the item, double click on the item. If it is currently checked out, the check in screen will show:

Identify the condition of the sample being returned

Also ensure the customers the sample was shown to have been properly recorded:

(It is possible to identify who the item was shown to and comments made by the individual.)


Press “Save and Close” to simply update the entry without checking in the sample. Press “Check In” to show the sample as being returned and available for another to checkout the item.